Programming languages you need to learn in 2022

Programming is one of the most paying jobs currently as per the job stats and search analytics from Venturing into this field however needs a lot of effort and dedication as its not as simple as it seems. Before proceeding, you need to identify which programming language you want to learn. There are several languages but i will discuss a few with you.

1. Swift – This was developed by apple in 2014 and its main goal is to give ios and os x developers the best tools to produce the best apps in the field. This language became very popular because of the high demand in the mobile app development sector.

What is swift programming language used for ? – Its used in the development of mobile apps for IOS devices. If you are looking to venture into mobile development, then swift should be a perfect choice for you.

2. SQL

Structured Query Language is one of the most used languages used in the management of stored relational data. Having the skills to manage and query stored data is a very valuable skill in the programming field. SQL is also being used majorly in data mining fields to sift through lots of database records. Major uses of this language is in Database management and you can dive into it and learn it if you enjoy analyzing data.

3. Ruby

Created in 1995, it is one of the most creative programming languages you can work with. It is fun working with Ruby as it runs on Ruby on Rails and gives you quick results as compared to the other languages. Ruby is used in the back-end development of web applications.

4. Python

If you are looking for a beginner friendly language, then python is here for you. It is very simple and easy to learn. Python can be used in different projects such as developing web applications, in machine learning, used in the game development field and data mining tasks. If you consider learning this language, then you need not to worry because it has a huge community of Q&A sites like stackoverflow.


Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a server side scripting language that is used to create web pages based on html. PHP is one of the most easy languages for developers to use, out of the 10 million websites, 80% are built using PHP. It is used in the back-end development of web pages and in WordPress site development.

6. Pearl

Pearl was first developed in 1987 and has since parted into two, Pearl 5 and Pearl 6. It was first developed for text processing and manipulation but it has since grown and developed other useful features in the development of web applications and system administration. It offers several solutions to one programming problem hence there is no specific solution to it. Pearl is used in web development, GUI development and network programming.

7. Objective – C

This was Apple’s primary language for developing apps for IOS and Mac OS. It is based on C programming language and its not an easy language to learn so you should not consider it if you are a beginner. It is only used in the mobile development of IOS.

8. Javascript

JavaScript is way more different from Java. It makes web pages more user friendly and very interactive. Every web page on the web uses JavaScript, as it has different frameworks including AngularJS and jQuery which makes web pages more interactive. JavaScript is a client side language meaning the code is implemented on the users browser unlike PHP or Python where it is server side language.

9. Java

Java is a widely used language in the design and development of android applications. It was originally derived from C++ but its a bit simpler to learn than C++. Java is easier to learn especially for beginners and its very flexible as it can run across several devices, Operating Systems and all platforms. Java is used in big data technology, in development of games, development of desktop software and mobile development.

10. HML

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) – This is used to create content for web pages. Images, text and other media are inserted into web pages using HTML. It is mostly used by web designers to design the front part of a web page. It works in conjunction with CSS and JavaScript to form the basic building blocks of a web page.

11. CSS

Cascading Style Sheet – It is used by web developers and designers to create the look of a website. Learning css is a must if you are looking forward to building websites as its elements make them look nice and clean.

12. C++

This is one of the hardest languages to read and use as its one of the low-level programming languages. It requires more time and understanding for you to know how it works thus you will not have much time understanding the programming basics. Programs written in this language are more difficult to maintain since it has a lot of code.

13. C#

This language was developed by Microsoft and its is purely based on C and C++. The main goal of the development of this language was to make programming more easy to learn and use although it is not as simple for a beginner as its complex. It is used in the development of web services, web applications , development of games and desktop apps.

14. C

This is probably the oldest programming language as it was first developed in 1972. It was the most used language as it was used to develop programs such as computer Operating System. Its the hardest language to learn but once you master it, it gets easier.

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